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Marketing Materials

Did you know that printed materials are still an integral part of your marketing mix?

In spite of a surge in digital marketing, printed materials are still an important part of your customer’s overall experience & the marketing mix.  We have a long heritage in printed design, from the perfectly designed advert, placed in the correct magazine to beautifully bespoke personalised business card/brochures reflecting who you are & what you do.

Technical Illustration & Infographics

Did you know the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words?

If you are a science, engineering, biotech, IT company you will find that the use of technical illustration & infographics can help lead your clients out of the communication jungle.  The accurate interpretation of complex designs & concepts, interpreted through a visual and / or diagrammatic format helps your clients understand you & your concepts more clearly & our lead designer loves this kind of stuff!!!!!

Logo & Corporate Identity

Did you know that  your logo will need to evolve?

The creation of a logo is one of the most important elements of your companies identity. A logo is an instantly recognisable image that adds a voice to what you do & what you stand for. As your, organisation / product / services / customers evolve & change your Logo may change with it. What would you like your logo to say about you?

Website Design & SEO

Did you know that ease of use is one of the main drivers of websites success?

Our websites are designed with the end user in mind. Using a website is a customer-centric experience, so you can bet if your visitor can’t drive your website, they will soon be driving someone elses.  Simple, beautifully designed websites, available on all devices with intuitive navigation will mean you and your customers get the most out of your on-line experience. And yes, we can also help with the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),  e-marketing and content management.

Product Photography and Packaging

Did you know showcasing your products with high-quaility photos gives you a competitive advantage?

In the world of e-commerce and on platforms like Amazon, it is important to have high quality photos, particularly if your product is next to a competitors as it may be your only chance to impress the customer. If  you are lucky enough to have more that one sales channel, having high quality photos can really help with the design process for your other marketing materials too..bonus.

Presentations, Audit & Design

Did you know that there are now more powerful presentation platforms than powerpoint?

Delivering powerful presentations is critical to business success, whether it’s a bid for a mulit-pound contract, a presentation to the board or a training session. The current trend is moving away from the two dimensional format we have been used to & a new era of presenting is emerging. Powerful, dynamic software such as Prezi allows you to storyboard your concepts, resulting in higher audience engagement, enjoyment & greater retention of information. Have a look at your portfolio of presentations, what do they say to your audience about you?