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Prezi Presentations

So most people will know what Prezi is now, right?  If 50 million people worldwide have used it, you would suspect it’s just part of everyday business vernacular, wouldn’t you?

Well it appears not, it seems that the default for most businesses is still PowerPoint whenPrezi-logo new it comes to making presentations.  Well what’s wrong with that you ask?  Well nothing! PowerPoint is our longstanding tried and trusted presentation friend.   Like an old comfy slipper at the end of the day.  Why would you use anything else?

I suppose it’s like using a CD before you had an iPod, or a landline before you discovered a Smartphone.  It’s the unmet need, the thing you didn’t know you needed until you had one.  It’s the same with Prezi once you’ve seen it in action you will realise you’ve got so much more than you had before.

So what is it?  Prezi is a cloud based presentation software package, which allows you to storyboard your presentation.  Using a virtual canvas and a zooming interface you can literally reinvent the way you present information.  So for the people that have already used it, it has made them different.  Prezi can make you stand out from the crowd; now and in the future – as there are an infinite number of stories that can be told.

In addition, here’s is a piece of technology that not only allows you to be different, but allows you to engage your audience in a different way. And who wouldn’t want to create a more persuasive proposition, be a more compelling presenter and know that their audience are getting more value?

The other benefit of Prezi is that it also lends itself to lots of different businesses, so whether it’s a multi-million pound bid, a keynote speaker presentation or a workshop for students, Prezi increases audience attention and retention and can even introduce the much under-rated element of fun!

Here’s the rub however…you have to plan it.  You have to start with the end in mind, you need to know your content, you need to have an idea where it needs to go, you need to think about your audience and that all takes time.  But to my mind, this makes Prezi even more worthwhile as it makes you do the very thing that actual makes the presentation magic…prepare.

So, Prezi, time to do something different?